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Smart campus personnel positioning system
Smart campus personnel positioning system
 BLE Bluetooth positioning technology       

Brief introduction

The smart campus personnel positioning system uses BLE Bluetooth positioning technology. By deploying a positioning network system on campus, each student in the school wears an electronic student ID or electronic bracelet. Parents and teachers can view the students' real-time location and activity track in the background at any time. Get to know your child. The system has the function of electronic fences. When students leave the school, the system will give real-time warnings to remind teachers or parents to prevent loss. It effectively monitors and warns of campus safety issues and improves school teaching and management efficiency. The system also has functions such as attendance sign-in, one-click alarm, movement track query, analysis of student behavior information, and campus card.

System functions

Automatic attendance at school

Statistics of students arriving and leaving school: A Bluetooth gateway acquisition terminal is deployed at the entrance of the school to collect the number of students entering and leaving the school in real time. The system can query and count the number of students entering and leaving the school in real time according to the time. order.

Statistics on abnormal departures of students: When students leave school, by comparing their departure time with school schedules, they can determine whether students have left school abnormally, including being late, not arriving, and leaving early, and synchronizing the abnormal attendance information to teachers and parents. Help schools and parents keep abreast of student movements, ensure that students arrive on time, and improve student safety.

One-click alarm
When the student has a dangerous situation, such as falling, abnormal body, being bullied, etc., send a one-click help message by long pressing the alarm button of the electronic student ID or electronic bracelet.

The name and location of the student seeking help) to the designated person, and the designated person can contact the school security personnel to provide assistance.

Fence and alarm management
Some areas of the school are dangerous areas, such as roofs, ponds, construction sites, etc. Students are not allowed to enter for safety reasons. If personnel enter, they can provide an alarm function.

By deploying a gateway in such an area, when the e-student ID or bracelet data is continuously scanned, it can be determined that the student has entered a dangerous area, and the student name and fence position corresponding to this e-student ID are pushed to the relevant personnel to respond quickly. To stop such behavior.

Analysis of Students' Daily Behavior
Collect student behavior data and health data, and combine big data analysis technology to analyze the relationship between student behavior and personality, such as sports-oriented or learning-oriented, to help parents and schools to personalize and target students Sexual cultivation.

Docking Card Application
The electronic student ID and electronic bracelet have a built-in card chip, which can be connected to a card device to complete the card application of campus card swiping, consumption, access control and borrowing.

System structure

Product description

          Electronic Student Card (BLE Card)

The electronic student card is processed by our company's invention patent (patent number: 201610452484.2) "cold pressing process", which compresses the Bluetooth control circuit and battery into the ultra-thin card, creating the industry's leading ultra-thin active card manufacturing process;

Positioning function: support Beacon broadcast positioning; access control function: support long-range Bluetooth access control; custom printing: printing student names and other information; one-button alarm: integrated one-button alarm button; RFID / NFC: applicable to access control / payment, etc.

     Bluetooth tracker wristband

The Bluetooth bracelet supports Beacon and NFC functions, and can be used with Bluetooth gateways. The smart bracelet bears business application systems including campus security, health management, classroom applications, teaching management, and campus card.

Positioning function:
support Beacon broadcast positioning;
health monitoring: exercise step counting, calories, etc .; access control function: support long-range Bluetooth access control; one-button alarm: integrated one-button alarm button; RFID / NFC: applicable to access control / payment, etc.

                             BLE Gateway
The Bluetooth gateway supports detection of a large range of Bluetooth signals, large concurrency, and high stability, and supports reverse detection of Bluetooth tags. At the same time, based on the principle of trilateral positioning, algorithms such as multi-signal maximum likelihood estimation, particle filtering, and differential denoising are used to achieve accurate positioning.
Detection range: 50 meters;
Maximum concurrent volume: 200 / s; Power state monitoring: support; Interface: WIFI / Ethernet port;
Power: PoE power supply, 5V / 2A.
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