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First sight of our new factory
First sight of our new factory

At the approach of the Christmas and new year, Guangdong Union Smart Card Co., Ltd. enthusiastically welcomes a new addition - a brand-new factory.

The new factory is situated in the Innovation Building of Tian’an-Shenchuanggu in Dongguan, Guangdong.

The interior of the factory is spacious and impressive, comprising three main sections: the production area, the research and development area, and the office area. Notably, the office area also includes two tea rooms, catering to the needs of clients from different cultures and providing a place for our staff to take a break.

As true Chinese individuals, we hold Growing vegetables in high regard. Hence, a vegetable plot has been established within the campus for company use.

Even though the factory is not in its final state presently, it will soon be introduced to everyone early next year, coinciding with the advent of the Chinese New Year. We hope that the new year, the new factory, and the completely revitalized Union Smart will create an entirely fresh story together.
Address:6th Floor, Building 3, Jinli Science and Technology Industrial Park, Jinniu West Road, Pingshan New District, Shenzhen