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Union Smart Joined the "Shenzhen Educational Equipment Industry Association"
Union Smart Joined the "Shenzhen Educational Equipment Industry Association"

Shenzhen Educational Equipment Industry Association (English abbreviation SZEEIA) is a local, industrial, non-profit social organization engaged in the management of the educational equipment industry. With the purpose of "serving industry development and members, serving education, serving the government and society", the association plays a bridging role between business authorities and member units, plays a guiding role in industry management, and plays an important role in maintaining the legality of member units. play a service role in rights and public undertakings.

Shenzhen Union Smart Card Co., Ltd., as a company committed to providing high-quality RFID tags and smart card solutions, has recently been honored to join the Shenzhen Education Equipment Industry Association and become a certified member. This is a new milestone in our development process, and it is also the recognition of our professional capabilities and service quality by the society and industry.

As a member of the Education Equipment Industry Association, we will actively participate in exchanges and cooperation within the industry in the future to jointly promote the development of the education equipment industry. We will use the association platform to share our technology and experience with other member units, learn from others' successful experiences, and jointly promote innovation and progress in the industry.

As a leading company in the RFID industry, we have always attached great importance to the development of the education field, especially in the field of intelligent education. We know that education is the cornerstone of the country's future development, and our products and solutions will continue to be committed to providing innovative technologies and high-quality products to the education industry to meet the ever-changing needs of educators and students.

Our products, RFID tags and smart cards, play an important role in today's rapidly developing and progressive education scene. RFID tags can be used in student attendance management, library management, course scheduling, etc. to improve the efficiency of education management; while smart cards can be used in campus access control, campus card and other scenarios to provide convenient services for students and school staff.
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