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Anti-mental Tags
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ABS Anti-metal Tags
Sizediameter 20mm (hole: diameter 2mm>x2)
MaterialIndustrial high temperature material
Installation methodadhesive or screw system
ProtocolEPC Classi Gen2, IS018000-6C
ChipsAlien HiggsT、UC0DE8
Anti-metal tags have strong anti-interference ability and have a long reading distance. Used for asset management, such as metal cabinet electronic products, asset management in the IT industry. Logistics tracking container management, warehouse asset management, open-air power equipment inspections, tower and pole inspections, elevator inspections, pressure vessels, cylinders, various electric power, household equipment management, etc.
Why choose Anti-metal Tags?
According to the needs of customers, the data of anti-metal RFID electronic tags can be customized to read and write, which can improve the efficiency of the system;

can adopt frequency hopping working mode, and has very strong anti-interference ability, and the reading distance is relatively far, which can reach eight About meters, the specific reading distance is related to the antenna of the reader. Multiple tags can be read at the same time, regardless of the number of tags in the workspace.
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