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Bluetooth Ibeacon card
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BLE iBeacon Thin card
ChipDA14580/DA14585/nRF52832/nRF52833/PHY6222/UWB DW1000
Transmission range30m
BLE protocolBLE5.0
Battery capacity100mAh
iBeacon Thin cardPerfect combination of iBeacon module OTP standard Apple iBeacon protocol or TBA with RFID/NFC chipset to realize indoor tracking and smart interaction and RF identification
Perfect combination of iBeacon module OTP standard Apple iBeacon protocol or TBA with RFID/NFC chipset to realize indoor tracking and smart interaction and RF identification
Introduction to Bluetooth iBeacon Thin card
Bluetooth Beacon is a broadcast protocol based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It can also be expressed as a low-power Bluetooth device with this protocol.
The Bluetooth Beacon technology standard is not a standard developed by the Bluetooth SIG. It is called a “virtual standard” and is a Bluetooth application specification for a wide range of Beacon applications, led by a large vendor or enterprise group.

Each manufacturer's standard uses the structure of the BLE broadcast to embed their own format and data; then broadcast through the Bluetooth Beacon device; when the Beacon device is broadcasting, other devices do not need to be connected to it. The mobile phone application or the back-end system only needs to use the relevant information in the broadcast package to achieve the purpose of positioning, advertisement push and the like.
1. Rechargeable active BLE card is a BLE Low Energy SoC.
2. With industry-leading Cortex-M4F core;
3. Have larger RAM and Flash;
4. More functions and better RF performance;
5. Rechargeable active BLE cards mainly have wired charging / wireless charging methods;
6. Support standard Apple iBeacon agreement or private agreement customization.
Resorts, Amusement park, Cruise ships, Shopping mall, Indoor location, Campus,
Healthcare, Smart home, Smart building, Unmanned hotel, Public security, judicial,
Transportation hubs,Warehousing and Logistics, Nursing homes,Industry, Automobile,
Supermarket, Store
Smart Campus
Fast pass and no need to stop
BLE iBeacon card = All in one card
Indoor Location
Safty Campus
Hospital / Nursing home
The Benefits and Future of Remote Patient Monitoring
Monitoring the patient 24/7
Clinical Staff
Staff Duress
Create a safer workplace environment with distress alerts to ensure immediate and effective response to staff duress situations.

Respond Faster to Alerts
Notify security staff and nurse station with the information of emergency location.

Create Safer Workplaces
Increase staff sense of safety by equipping them with Staff Duress Badges.

Decrease Risk of Duress Events
Use analytics and location data to understand which areas are prone to incidents of abuse.
Clinical Staff
Nurse Call
Fast staff responsiveness is key to keeping your patients safe. The location services allow for real-time notifications sent directly to nurses’mobile phones from where the staff can cancel calls or automatically initiate clinical workflow.

Increase Patient & Staff Satisfaction
Enhance communication capabilities for staff, faster response times for patients and a more hands-free approach to patient care.

Provide Supporting Documentation
Automate report creation to assist with containment of communicable diseases.

Optimize Workflows
Automate nurse-calling events and staff location in real-time.
Patients & Families
Patient Wayfinding
Improve patient experience and decrease the number of missed appointments due to patient difficulty in navigating through the hospital.

Improve Operational Rooms Workflows
See in real-time which rooms are occupied, and if critical assets for effective operating procedures are ready in the operating room.

Reduced Time Consumption and Anxiety
Leverage real-time location information to improve the experience for the patient and the patient’s family with turn-by-turn navigation.
Why choose Bluetooth iBeacon card?
Traditional nursing home main problems:
1. The location of the elderly in the nursing home is unknow. It's not convenient for the staff to arrive at the specific location.
2. Many elderly people easy lost way in nursing home.
3. The health of the elderly is unstable. Unable to monitor in real time.
4. The elderly can't get contact with staff in time.
iBeacon Solution in Nursing Home
① The beacon device sends small packets, and the smart device will listening,and it senses that there is a beacon card nearby.

② When the ibeacon card/bracelet is in the signal radiation range of beacon, the communication and wireless transmission between the Bluetooth gateway and the tag are triggered.

③ Bluetooth gateway transmits data to the computer background through WiFi or wired network, and monitors the location data at the computer.
How Bluetooth iBeacon work?
The Bluetooth Beacon will broadcast a packet to the surrounding area at a certain time (the default of our beacon is 500 milliseconds). As a separate Bluetooth host (such as mobile phone, Bluetooth gateway, etc.), it will receive the interval when performing the scanning action.

A packet broadcasted by the Bluetooth Beacon. At the same time, when the host receives the broadcast packet, it indicates which Bluetooth Beacon (slave) the broadcast packet comes from (each Beacon has a unique MAC address) and the current strength indication value RSSI of the received transmission signal.

At this time, if the app corresponding to Beacon is installed on the mobile phone, the app that receives the ID will take corresponding actions according to the setting conditions of the ID.
Introduction to Bluetooth Technology
Bluetooth positioning
Bluetooth positioning is based on the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) positioning
principle. According to different positioning terminals, the Bluetooth positioning mode is
divided into network side positioning and terminal side positioning.

Network side positioning
The network side positioning system is composedof a terminal (Bluetooth beacon), a Bluetooth gateway, a local area network and a back-end
data server.

Mainly used in personnel location tracking, passenger flow statistical analysis, intelligent attendance, access control systems, asset positioning and so on.
Introduction to Cold Lamination Technology
The Cold laminating card adopts low temperature lamination technology (cold lamination technology). The internal structure of the cold laminating card is mainly composed of PCB circuit board, lithium polymer battery, IC integrated chip, and Bluetooth function module.

Function introduction: The working status of the card can be controlled through the Bluetooth connection of the mobile phone, and the security information and consumption information of the card can be grasped at any time.
Introduction to Cold Lamination Technology
OEM/ODM Processing/ Lamination/Integration for Active Electronic Smart Card of
biometric/authentic/IOT/OTP/FP developer Board
More Applications:
1. Amusement park
2. Jail
3. Supermarket Store
More Applications:
1. Smart Warehouse
2. Museum / Gallery
3. Park
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