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Smart Medicine Box with E-ink EPD tag
Smart Medicine Box with E-ink EPD tag

As consumers become more and more skilled in the operation of technology products, their demand and expectations for the products themselves are also increasing. Smart packaging not only satisfies consumers' pursuit of product authenticity, but also allows them to obtain product information more conveniently. At the same time, it also encourages consumers to use more environmentally friendly products.

Shenzhen Union Smart IoT Technology Co.,Ltd has launched a Passive E-ink EPD tag, which can be used with packaging pill box factories to create a smart pill box that is both intelligent and sustainable. The electronic pill box can be used to remind the owner when taking medicine, you can monitor the status of the medicine at the same time, and it can still be displayed continuously after the power is turned off.

Battery-less E-ink EPD Tag launched by Union Smart which only needs a very small electric drive to complete the screen replacement. With the feature of continuously displaying information when power is off, EPT tag can use energy harvesting technology without battery to supply power through NFC wireless transmission, and can cooperate with the creation of battery-less smart label kits and other products.

In addition, battery-less e-ink EPD tag can replace multi-language pharmaceutical instructions printed on paper by displaying market-related or personalized information, reducing paper usage and waste.The E-ink EPD tag screen can display the content related to the product through intelligent features such as monitoring and reminders to deepen the interaction with the user.

In the future, E-ink EPD smart pillboxes will not only change the pharmaceutical industry, but also the smart packaging application industry, bringing consumers a better experience.

Shenzhen Union Smart IoT Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2018. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Union Smart Card Co., Ltd. responsible for the Internet of Things. It is committed to passive ultra-low power E-ink tag hardware solutions. E-ink EPD tag technology fully utilizes the features of low power consumption refresh of E-ink screens and static electricity to maintain images without electricity. It can be widely used in all walks of life, replacing traditional paper labels, to improve efficiency, reduce labor costs and artificial probability of error, and can be erased and written hundreds of thousands of times.How environmentally friendly it was.
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