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Eco-friendly E-paper tags
Eco-friendly E-paper tags

In China, if the printer and its consumables are calculated at a growth rate of about 15%, more than 160,000 cubic meters (nearly 1 million tons) of solid waste will be generated each year, which can fill 3,000 train skins and be buried in the ground for 1,000 years. It is still intact and cannot be degraded.

The consumption of printing consumables in my country is very alarming. According to statistics from CCID Consulting, the sales volume of ink cartridges in my country reached 26 million in 2002, and by 2004 my country consumed 62.3 million printer ink cartridges and 17.8 million toner cartridges. With the increasing popularity of printers, the consumption of ink cartridges and drums, which are the main printing consumables, is increasing at an annual rate of 30%.

Some environmentalists pointed out that the current recycling rate of ink cartridges in my country is only 1%, and a large number of consumables such as ink cartridges and toner cartridges are dumped directly into the garbage dump, seriously polluting the environment.

Paper-To produce one ton of paper requires 3.75 tons of wood (equivalent to 20 trees), 0.5 tons of coal, and 100 tons of water. In the process of producing paper, it will cause 35% water pollution.

Toner cartridges--In our country, 3 million toner cartridges are consumed every year, and to produce a brand-new toner cartridge, 2.85 liters of oil is consumed, and waste gas is emitted during the production process, which causes pollution to the environment.

Main components (refractory plastic): it takes thousands of years to degrade!

Ink: The dye in the ink cartridge is a highly carcinogenic substance. If it leaks after the landfill, ink and toner residues will pollute the soil and groundwater, enter the biological chain, and even affect human health.

--The information comes from the Internet

At present, the material flow of the factory through the manufacturing execution system is to use a barcode printer to print out barcodes and then paste them on intermediate materials. In the production execution process, repeated barcodes are a heavy task. Batteryless E-ink EPD tags are used to replace traditional paper. Quality barcode labels provide efficient, environmentally friendly and economical solutions


Due to the application of Batteryless E-ink EPD tag, manual application, typesetting, printing, and employees going to the front of the shelf to replace paper labels can be omitted, and all are managed by the back-end MES system to quickly change the display content.


First of all, the application of passive electronic paper tags greatly reduces labor costs, time costs, etc., and is efficient and fast.

Secondly, Batteryless E-ink EPD tag can be reused, which is of great environmental protection significance, and only consumes power when changing the display content. It does not consume power at all in standby mode, saving a lot of material costs such as paper labels, printers, ink, and electricity.

Batteryless E-ink EPD tag have a service life of hundreds of thousands of times, or decades, and the sum of labor costs saved during this period and material costs such as printing consumables is enough to cover the cost of the initial investment. After calculating the general ledger, the operating cost is greatly reduced. It has greatly improved operational efficiency.

(Batteryless E-ink EPD tag can be reused 1 million times or more, which is equivalent to saving 1 million paper labels)



Shenzhen Union Smart IOT Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2018. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Union Smart Card Co., Ltd. responsible for the Internet of Things. It is committed to passive ultra-low power electronic ink label hardware solutions and electronic ink labels. E-ink electronic paper display technology fully utilizes the low power consumption refresh of the electronic ink screen and the static maintenance of the image without electricity. It can be widely used in all walks of life, instead of traditional paper labels, to improve efficiency, reduce labor costs and artificial Error probability, and can be repeatedly erased hundreds of thousands of times, very environmentally friendly.

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