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Congratulations to Union Smart for obtaining Cold lamination Process Invention Patent again
Congratulations to Union Smart for obtaining Cold lamination Process Invention Patent again

Recently, "A Cold Lamination Process for PCBA Smart Cards" (Patent No. ZL 2021 1 0524934.5) developed and applied for by Shenzhen United Smart Card Co., Ltd. received an 

invention patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office.

Cold Lamination Process is an innovative technology for the smart card production process for the hot laminating process. This process uses specially prepared glue for 

lamination, which can laminated micro switches, LED lights, Bluetooth chips, etc. under normal temperature and pressure environments. Ultra-thin lithium batteries, 

solar panels, fingerprints, ink screens and other electronic components or modules are packaged in a standard smart card, which solves the problem of micro switches, 

LED lights, batteries, Bluetooth chips and other electronic components in the high temperature and high pressure environment of the hot pressing process. 

The technical problem is that the device is extremely vulnerable to damage.

The acquisition of the invention patent certificate is an affirmation of the technology of our company's R&D personnel and a proof of our company's innovation strength. 

It proves that Shenzhen United Smart Card Co., Ltd.'s research, scientific research capabilities and technical level in multi-function smart cards have been recognized by 

the country. Affirmation and recognition also proves that the "Cold lamination Bluetooth card series" developed by our company has a leading edge in the field of 

Internet of Things!

As a high-tech enterprise, our company has been focusing on the cultivation of intellectual property rights since its establishment in 2011, and has achieved fruitful results. 

As of today, our company has obtained 50 patents, including 2 inventions, 14 utility models, 1 international PCT, 11 trademarks, and 22 software copyrights.

The achievement of these achievements has enhanced the core competitiveness of our company's technology and provided strong scientific and technological support 

for the company's future development.
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