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Eco-friendly Temperature Tags
UHF protocolISO18000-6C EPC Global C1G2
UHF reading distance15 meters (depending on the reader and environment)
High frequency protocolISO/IEC 14443-A
HF reading distance5cm (depending on the reader and environment)
Memory sizeEEPROM 160K bits
Working voltage range1.1V~1.65V
Supports storage of temperature measurement data in NDEF format, and can use a mobile phone with NFC function to read temperature data
The dual-frequency temperature tag is a dual-frequency electronic tag with the function of measuring temperature, and supports both active and passive temperature measurement modes.
What is Eco-friendly Temperature Tags?
The internal paper battery supports air transportation, is environmentally friendly, and can also be made to resist metal.
Why choose Eco-friendly Temperature Tags?
The tag chip has a built-in high-precision temperature sensor, which can complete real-time or timing ambient temperature measurement. It can be widely used in environmental temperature monitoring during cold chain transportation and storage of fresh and frozen foods, medicines, vaccines, blood products, fresh garden products, dairy products, etc.
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