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NFC HF Temperature Tags
Accurate temperature measurement range-35℃~50℃
Temperature measurement accuracy±0.5°C
Temperature measurement interval is configurableminimum 1 second, maximum 65535 seconds
Communication protocolISO/IEC 14443-A
Working frequency13.56MHz
Resonant capacitance23.5pF
The NFC temperature tag is equipped with a high-precision temperature sensor, which can complete real-time or timing ambient temperature measurement;
Why choose NFC HF Temperature Tags?
1. High-precision temperature sensor can complete real-time or scheduled environmental temperature measurement;
2. High-precision RTC, which can perform more accurate timing wake-up operations;
3. Light detection function can detect strong visible light, send and record alarm signals;
4. Through external sensors, complete the measurement and recording of pressure, humidity and other information;
Why choose NFC HF Temperature Tags?
4. Built-in large-capacity EEPROM can be used to store long-term temperature data and record light alarm information. It can also be used to record pressure or humidity data measured by external sensors;

5. The stored data can be read via Android phones and iPhone phones.
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