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NFC Social Card
dimensionCoin shape, bracelet, or customized
Antenna sizeØ12.7MM, Customized
chipNTAG213、NTAG215、NTAG216、S50、F08、ultralight、ultralightEv1、FM11RF08、Mifare1 S50、Mifare1 S70、NTAG203、I-CODE2、TI20485、SR1512
protocolISO 14443
data storage10 years
social application,
play music,
business card,
Social activities,
Instantly share contact info, social accounts, and favorite music; support NFC touch and scan QR codes
NFC social sharing tags work with your phone or other NFC reader device. Use an NFC-enabled phone or other NFC reading device to write or read your profile information, social media information, favorite music or other information. You can also print a QR code on the label and people can scan the QR code. code to get the information in the tag. You can simply share your message or play your favorite music that you have set.
Product advantages:
1. The label appearance can be customized.
2. The information in the label is highly editable.
3. NFC social sharing tags promote sustainability by reducing the need for physical materials such as business cards or printed event schedules.
4. NFC social sharing tags are easy to use and eliminate the hassle of manually exchanging contact information, searching social media profiles or sharing music playlists.
Environmental friendly:
1. Antenna selection:
1.1. The base material of the antenna is made of environmentally friendly, degradable and recyclable materials.
1.2. Antenna production process: non-aluminum etching, printing, laser or hot stamping antenna production, the production process is environmentally friendly, pollution-free, plastic-free, truly green and environmentally friendly.
2. Surface material: Use environmentally friendly materials (no relevant hazardous substances), degradable materials, and renewable materials as fabrics.
3. The electronic label composite glue uses environmentally friendly composite glue.
Our NFC social sharing tags are made of environmentally friendly materials, including TESLIN, PLA, PVC, RPVC, PET, PETG and more. These materials were chosen for their recyclability and their ability to contribute to a green future. By using these eco-friendly materials, we aim to minimize environmental impact while also delivering innovative NFC tags to enhance the social sharing experience. With our NFC social sharing tags, users can easily share content while also promoting environmental sustainability.
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